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Sundari (T-17) — Ranthambore’s famous tigress

sundari t-17

Sundari, popularly known as T-17, was the daughter of Machali, a legend in her own right who was once Ranthambore’s main attraction. Machali originally drew the notice of Ranthambore officials in 2006, as she bore a striking resemblance to her mother.

Sundari was the most dominating of the three cubs that Machali gave birth to. Machali opted to explore her autonomous territory a year after her birth (in 2006), unlike two of her sisters who chose to stay with their mother.

Sundari only found a clearly meaning domain for herself at the basement of a fort in 2008. During that year’s summer,She grown into a totally autonomous tigress.Her fiery personality and drive to expand her domain brought her into conflict with her mother. After a few of duels, she gained the land near the lakes for herself.

Sundari’s Courtship Stories:

Sundari was sewn with a collar around her neck in 2008 to track her activities. However, on November 24, 2011, the collar was taken off her neck and she was liberated. Her proclivity to move around in the domain of male tigers such as T-25, T-28, and T-24 was an intriguing element of her behaviour.

Sundari was sighted mating with T-25 in the Kachida-Tambahkan section of Ranthambore National Park by Ranthambore wildlife officials. Next, she went in search of T-24 in the Singhaduar region, but she couldn’t find him.

That same year, she strolled along Ganesh Mandir Road, heading towards Jogi Mahal. T-28 was someplace around, she had a sense.She welcomed him to her domain, where they mated and spent time beside the Padam Talab.

On January 24, 2012, a forest guard called Shivraj reported seeing Sundari in Ranthambore National Park’s Rajbagh region. She was having an affair with T-28, which lasted about 4 days until she left his company.

Sundari and her three cubs were discovered by a tourist vehicle in Ranthambore on June 28, 2012. She and her three cubs were also seen in T-28 area. After a few days, mother relocated her cubs to the Kachida section of T-25’s territory. 

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