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Animals in Ranthambore

Overview : Animals in Ranthambore

Animals in Ranthambore, numerous mammal, reptile, and bird species may be found. The Royal Bengal Tigers’ home, the national park in Rajasthan, is its most famous feature. In addition to this, the national park is home to a large population of leopards, sloth bears, several deer species, including the chital (spotted deer), marsh crocodiles, palm civets, jackals, desert foxes, serpent eagles, and waterfowl. Together, these animals make up the national park’s 40 mammal species, 35 reptile species, and 320 bird species.animals in ranthambore

The following are some of the popular wild animals in Ranthambore: Tigers, Leopards, Striped Hyenas, Sambar deer, Chital, Nilgai, Common or Hanuman langurs, Macaques, Jackals, Jungle cats, Caracals, Sloth bears, Black bucks, Rufoustailed Hare, Indian Wild Boar, Chinkara, Common Palm Civets or Toddy cat, Common Yellow Bats, Desert Cat.

The park is also home to a sizable population of marsh crocodiles, including snub-nosed marsh crocodiles, desert monitor lizards, tortoises, banded kraits, cobras, common kraits, ganga soft shelled turtles, indian pythons, north Indian flap shelled turtles, rat snakes, russell’s vipers.

List of Animals in Ranthambore

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