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Tiger Mortality Protocol in India:

Tiger mortality in India presents a multifaceted challenge that requires a thorough understanding of its various dimensions. Between 2012 and July 2022, India recorded a total of 1,062 tiger mortality events, encompassing natural deaths, poaching incidents, unnatural causes, and seizures. These events underscore the urgency of addressing threats to tiger survival across the country.

Efforts to mitigate tiger mortality involve a comprehensive approach, including stringent anti-poaching measures, habitat conservation initiatives, community engagement, and international collaborations. The National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) plays a pivotal role in overseeing these efforts and ensuring the effective management of tiger populations.

Despite the challenges, there have been notable successes in tiger conservation, with certain regions witnessing an increase in tiger populations and successful prosecutions of poachers. However, the fight against tiger mortality requires sustained vigilance and concerted efforts from all stakeholders.

By raising awareness, implementing conservation strategies, and enforcing laws to combat wildlife crime, India aims to protect its national animal and secure a brighter future for tigers in the wild.

tiger mortality in india
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