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Tigress T-41 (Junglee)

    Tigress T-41 (Junglee)

    Tigress T-41 (Junglee ) ,aka Junglee, determined in her survival & an eye catcher by both guides & travellers.

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    Oct 1997

    Zone no. 4, 5 and Ranthambhore Rd.



    Tigress T-41 (Junglee)

    Tigress T-41 (Junglee), otherwise called Junglee, was brought into the world to T-4 (female) and Enormous Daddy in the delightful Berda Valley of Ranthambore. She, alongside her sibling Berda (a male whelp) (T-40), was incredibly well known among the ordinary aides and explorers.

    Tragically, when the fledglings were a year old, their mom passed on from a tainted physical issue following a battle about a prey with one more tiger nearby. After this occurrence, both the fledglings made due for another year by comforting and supporting each other in hunting and mastering the fundamental abilities to survive.

    Junglee became renowned in her area because of her unbending assurance of endurance and laid down a good foundation for herself in her place of birth, as an individual from the decision tip top alongside her sibling T40. Her decision domains were Berda, Semli, Bhakola valley and the Adidant districts of Ranthambore National Park.

    During later years, it was seen that a predominant male tiger, Semli (T-6), began tussling with the pair kin for their home domain. The tussle finished with the departure of the sibling of T-41, as he was driven out of the area and Junglee needed to get by with him (Semli Male), by burying the hatchet with him and routinely mating with him.

    This was the occurrence that later carried the chance to notice the growing and courageous couple consistently (in late April and of course in June) around the area, pursuing one another. Their romance brought about the introduction of their most memorable brood of small fledglings in November 2012.

    Today, Junglee is partaking in her parenthood which is an entirely different encounter for her as she is becoming acclimated to the new rhyme of life reveling and treating her fledglings. Grabbing a speedy feast and extinguishing her in the middle between, taking care of her covetous fledglings that are as yet blind for the initial ten to fourteen days; is currently her ordinary obligation of the day.

    Though, the Semli Male, who is a predominant one in the Berda region (on the limits of the guest’s zone), and obviously, the pleased father is likewise frequently noticed supervising and indulging with his tigress (Junglee) on some food close by. As a dad, his occupation is likewise urgent.

    Consequently, the Tigress T-41 (Junglee) is currently carrying on with a total everyday life alongside her two whelps and their defensive dad. A brief look at this heart-winning family at Ranthambore truly brings a prominent incentive for all.

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