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T-25 Dollar : The Legendary Ranthambore Tiger

    T-25 Dollar: The Incredible Ranthambore Tiger

    T-125 Dollar: Because of the (Dollar) shape on his right flank stripe pattern, he was given the moniker “Dollar.” One of his qualities that drew the tiger lovers in was this. Dollar was an oddball in Ranthambore National Park, so his story is intriguing for that reason alone.

    T-125 Dollar was also nicknamed as Zalim, or “the harsh one,” because of his reputation for being particularly violent in both his personal and territorial expansion. He was frequently observed acting aggressively toward the tourist vehicles, growling and giving the tourists goosebumps. He was, nonetheless, incredibly adored by everyone.

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    T-25 Dollar: A direct ancestor of Machali, the Ranthambore Queen

    Dollar, who was one of three male cubs born in 2007 or 2008 to Lahpur-Nagdi tigress T-22 and her husband Jhumroo (T-20), is a direct descendant of Ranthambore’s matriarch Machali.

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    T-25 (Zalim): Affectionate by nature, cruel by name

    t-125 dollar

    Everyone was shocked when Zalim, or T-25, raised two female cubs who were left orphaned in February 2011 after their mother, T-5, passed away from an intestinal condition. Everyone was taken aback by his wonderful deed because he wasn’t known for showing kindness.

    When they were barely five years old, the two female cubs, Bina-1 & Bina-2, had lost their mother, T-5, to an infection in 2011. Zalim would always be nearby, feed them, and even teach them survival and hunting techniques. Zalim and the cubs had developed a close bond between 2011 and 2013.

    T-25, aka Zalim, died

    Zalim passed away in January 2020, perhaps as a result of a territorial dispute with T-66, a 10-year-old male tiger who shared the same territory as the tigress T-54. His head’s bones were crushed, and canine prints were found after his death.

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