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Tiger T-120 (Yoddha) Hunted a Dog

    In Ranthambore, it was difficult for a dog to disturb the sleep of Tiger T-120 (Yoddha). He had to pay the price with his life. A video of the incident has surfaced, in which Tiger T-120 was resting in the Jhalra forest area of Zone 2 of Ranthambore. During this suddenly a dog Tiger started barking at T-120. Tiger was exasperated by his barking and in a few seconds he made the dog his prey. The tourists present there were thrilled to see this scene and they made a video of it.

    About T-120 (yoddha)

    Tiger T-120 (Yoddha) of Ranthambore is a young and powerful tiger. The tiger had also recently clashed with the tigress T-84 arrowhead over the hunting of Sambar (Video of Tiger hunting dog in Sawai Madhopur). Tigress Arrowhead had to concede defeat after a mild skirmish and had to give up the hunting of Sambhar for Tiger T-120. Earlier, Ranthambore’s tigress T-107 Sultana has also made a dog her victim.

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