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Tigress T-102: Organizations protest against shifting

    Tigress T-102: Organizations protest against shifting ,The Forest Department’s neck is starting to hurt over the alleged covert transfer of tigress T-102 from the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve to the Ramgarh Vishdhari Sanctuary in the Bundi district.

    Even though the tigress has been relocated and her identity changed from T-102 to RVT2, concerns have been expressed over the Forest Department’s decision..Even though the tigress has been shifted and its name has been changed from T-102 to RVT2, but questions are being raised on this action of the Forest Department.

    The Forest Department took all the laws and SOPs to Ramgarh, but now all the organizations related to tourism have come out in protest in Ranthambore regarding this matter.The organizations of Ranthambore are angry that the tigress seen by tourists in the tourism zone here has been removed. While there are about 14 more such tigresses who are wandering on the borders of human population.

    They could have been taken. But the Forest Department selected T-102. This tigress usually used to be a sightseeing of tourists. Tourists going to zone number five are very excited to see T-102 and its cubs.

    Tigress T-102 was named Graffiti in Ranthambore.

    tigress t 102

    This tigress was named Graffiti in Ranthambore. In this case, the Forest Department disregarded the SOP and did not get NTCA’s written consent. The tigress was taken up and sent to Ramgarh in such a hurry that specialists object. Organizations say that under whose pressure the Forest Department took this decision.

    Tiger conservation plan of Ramgarh has not been finalized yet

    NTCA had given permission to shift tigress Riddhi to Sariska long back, but the department did not show any interest in completing that work. While the tigress T-102 was lifted and shifted to a tiger reserve like Ramgarh. Surprisingly, neither the tiger conservation plan of Ramgarh has been finalized nor has the distance of eco-sensitive zone been decided there. Its pre base study is yet to be done.

    These organizations of Ranthambore came out in protest

    There the quality of ponds and water has not been finalized by the experts. It is necessary to do this because earlier such bacteria were found in the water in Mukundara Tiger Reserve which proved to be fatal for the cubs there. Now the same mistake has again been repeated by the Forest Department in Ramgarh.

    On all these issues, all organizations related to tiger tourism in Ranthambore have come out in protest.Nature Guide Association, Nature Driver Association, Jungle Safari Vehicle of Association, Ranthambore Hotel Association, Ranthambore Travel Agent Association, Ranthambore Tiger Conservation and Rural Development Committee have protested by writing a letter.

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