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Ranthambore National Park India


Tiger T-110 was shifted from Ranthambore to Mukandra

    Tiger T-110 was shifted from Ranthambore to Mukandra, after 42 months, the tigress roaming alone found a partner, hope of increasing the family 2 tiger shifts in 18 days from Ranthambore Reserve Park
    T-113 was dispatched to Sariska on 16 October

    Once again a six and a half year old young tiger T-110 from Ranthambhir Sanctuary has been sent to Mukundara Tiger Hills in Kota on Thursday. Earlier on 16 October, Sariska was also shifted to T-113. For the past several days, the forest department’s team and officials were trying to track Tiger T-110. In such a situation, after last day’s efforts failed, the car was finally made unconscious by darting it at around 10 am on Thursday. After this, a team of 4 veterinarians from Ranthambore, in the presence of forest officials, examined the health of the tiger and brought it to consciousness after being locked in a cage. As soon as the tiger regained consciousness, the vehicle was sent to Mukandra Tiger Hills Kota.
    Bagh T-110 will now be known as MT-5 at Mukundra. At present, tigress MT-4 is roaming alone in Mukundra. The arrival of the male tiger after about 42 months has raised hopes of no increase in the tiger population.

    Tranquilize in Phalodi range

    The forest department’s team, which has been working hard for several days, finally saw the tiger T-110 in the open space near Ghazipur outpost, some distance from Devpura Naka of Phalodi range, on Thursday morning. This tiger was seen in this area for the last several days. As soon as the tiger came out in the open, the team made it unconscious by firing darts and in a short time, Dr. CP present in the team. Meena, Dr. Rajeev Garg, Dr. Arvind Mathur and Dr. Tejinder Singh did a health test and weighed it and took necessary samples. Later a radio collar was placed around the neck for its tracking. After a procedure of about 20 minutes, he was put in the cage and given a revive injection. Within a short time, as soon as the tiger regained consciousness, the convoy of the department left from there with the tiger. According to DFO First Sangram Singh, Tiger T-110 of Ranthambore has been tanked from Phalodi range and sent to Mukundra after health check-up.

    According to tiger experts, the tiger T-110 sent to Mukundara is the son of Ranthambhir’s tigress T-69.

    tiger t-110

     Its father is T-65. Born near the common outpost of Khandar forest area, this six-and-a-half year old tiger spent about two and a half years in the mother’s area, but as soon as it was under pressure from other male tigers, it left the area and left the forest area for itself. started searching. After about six months, this tiger started migrating outside and reached the Kwalji forest area. Due to lack of space even here, this tiger caught the way of the jungles of Bundi district and at the age of three, it
    Wandering went to Sakhavda, but he did not like the forest area there and came back to Ranthambore after a few days. Since then it remained in the Kwalji forest area. There it also made a pair with two tigresses.
    The forest department had earlier identified four tigers to shift from Ranthambore. Out of this, one tiger T-113 has been shifted to Sariska on 16 October. Now the Forest Department has also tracked Tiger T 110 and sent it to Mukundra Tiger Reserve. With the permission of the government, the T-110 has been shifted as per the Kia Shift Protocol and SOP.
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