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Tigress Riddhi gives birth to cubs in Ranthambore

    tigress Riddhi

    Sawai madhopur: In Ranthambore National Park, once again the cry of young cubs has echoed. This time Tigress T-124 i.e. Riddhi has given this happy opportunity to Ranthambore. In the evening innings, the tourists visiting the park were seen carrying a cub in the Dudh Bawdi area in Riddhi zone three by pressing it in its mouth. In this regard, information has been given to the Forest Department on behalf of the tourists. Now photo trap cameras are being installed in the concerned area of ​​Zone 3 by the Forest Department to monitor the tigress.
    more cubs likely Forest officials said that usually the tigress gives birth to two or more cubs once. Although so far tourists have seen the tigress with only one cub, but if forest officials are to be believed, there is a possibility of more than one cub with the tigress.
    first time mother Tigress Riddhi i.e. T-124 is around four years old and the tigress has given birth to cubs for the first time. The movement of tigress resides with tiger T-120 in zone three of Ranthambore. Riddhi is the child of famous Tigress Arrowhead i.e. T-84 of Ranthambore.
    big tiger clan With the sighting of tigress Riddhi with her cub, the tiger clan in Ranthambore has increased once again. Now the number of tigers in Ranthambore has increased to 74. At the same time, there is a possibility of more cubs with Tigress Riddhi. In such a situation, this figure can increase further.
    They say… Tigress Riddhi with a cub has been seen in zone three by the tourists who went on excursion in the evening shift. Monitoring of the tigress is being done.
    Seduram Yadav, CCF, Ranthambore Tiger Project, Sawai Madhopur.

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