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Tigress T-39 Noor and cubs play in Zone 1, tourists thrilled

    T-39 Noor 

    A large number of tourists come to visit Ranthambore National Park to get acquainted with the wildlife adventure. For the tourists who come to enjoy the wildlife adventure in Ranthambore, these days the cubs of tigress T-39 Noor in Ranthambore’s. one remain the center of attraction for the tourists. One such sight was seen during Tiger Safari in Zone No. 1 of Ranthambore. Tourists who went for an excursion to Zone 1 of Ranthambore National Park were seen by the tigress T-39 Noor and her cubs. Tourists saw the tigress and its

    Saw the cubs playing in the water. The tourists were very thrilled to see the tigress and her cubs. Tourists captured this moment in their cameras. It is noteworthy that tigress Noor appeared for the first time recently in the month of April after giving birth to her cubs. After this the tigress was confirmed to give birth to cubs. Ranthambore‘s tigress T-39 Noor has become a mother for the fifth time. She has given birth to 10 cubs so far. This is an aging tigress of Ranthambore, whose age is about 14 to 15 years.

    T-39 Noor
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